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Frequently Asked Questions



At On The Road Again, we want everyone to have a good experience learning to ride.


Please read the following carefully to make sure you are aware of the circumstances that will cause you to forfeit your enrollment fee, and be unable to complete the course.

1. I understand and agree that if I cancel or reschedule my enrollment in a class with more than 7 days notice, tuition will be refunded an amount less $10 or 10 percent of the total, whichever is greater.

Cancellations/Rescheduling by phone will not be accepted.  On The Road Again can be notified by email at Info@LRN2ride.com, or by mail to:  3A Marshall Dr, Selden, N.Y. 11784.

2. I understand and agree that if I cancel or reschedule with 7 days or less notice & before 3pm the day before the first day of the class, tuition will be refunded less one hundred dollars ($100.00).

3. I understand and agree that if I cancel or reschedule after 3pm the day before class begins, the same day class begins, or after class begins, fail to show up on time, or come unprepared there will be no refund. No make-up will be scheduled.

4  I understand and agree that if I fail to attend all scheduled classes and any makeup classes that may become necessary due to uncontrollable conditions (such as weather) there will be no refund. If makeup classes become necessary, On The Road Again will attempt to schedule them at the student’s convenience. 

5.I understand and agree that if I fail to bring required riding gear (DOT approved helmet; sturdy, over-the ankle boots NO SNEAKERS; long sleeved shirt or jacket; jeans (without rips or tears); full-fingered gloves; and eye protection), I will not be permitted to participate in the course and there will be no refund or make-up scheduled.. 

6.  I understand and agree that if I am believed to be under the influence of either a legal or illegal substance, or do not have the required valid Driver’s License and/or permit, or for minors, notarized parental permission,I will be removed from the class and there will be no refund or make-up scheduled.

On The Road Again reserves the right to change the class times as necessary due to emergency situations (vehicle breakdowns, Acts of God, staff emergency, etc.)

What do I do first?

Contact our office to discuss your options and goals, with our knowledgeable office staff

Is a permit required to take the MSF Basic RiderCourse?

No, you do not need a permit to participate in the MSF Basic RiderCourse. After successfully completing the course you will receive a ‘road test’ waiver. 

DMV will require that you obtain the motorcyle permit before they will add the motorcycle endorsement to your license. You will be able to obtain the motorcycle permit & have the motorcycle endorsement added to your drivers license on the same day. 

DMV Reservation Link; https://nysdmvqw.us.qmatic.cloud/naoa/index.jsp


What do I need to bring to training?

The following is REQUIRED for your Basic RiderCourse:

*A VALID driver’s license – if you enrolled without a valid Drivers License NO REFUND will be given.

*A motorcycle permit is not required to participate in this course.

* Your own DOT  approved helmet

* E-Course Certificate of completion (Log-In details are given after course registration is complete)

* Sturdy, over the ankle BOOTS (no sneakers)

* Full Fingered Gloves

* Long Sleeved shirt or jacket

* Long non-flare denim pants /jeans or material of equivalent or better durability (without rips or holes)

* Eye protections (sunglasses, goggles, or face shield on helmet)

* Please dress for the weather – We ride rain or shine!

      If Rain is forecast, come prepared with rain gear.

*This course takes place in an open parking lot for 6 hours, with no protection from the sun, wind, rain, etc. Please take that into consideration and bring layers of clothing, sunblock, and more water than you think you will need.

* Get a good night’s rest & drink a lot of water the day before your course starts. This will allow you to have the best experience.

* Bring lunch / snacks / water (You will be at the training site for 6 hours, there will not be a break for lunch but during small breaks you will have the chance to eat / drink)

* Know where the training site is prior to the start of class t be sure you are there on time

There will be no one available to answer the phone the day class begins.


What do I do after successfully completing the MSF Basic RiderCourse?


Once you successfully complete the MSF Basic RiderCourse you will receive a ‘road test’ waiver.

If you already have your motorcycle permit: Schedule an appointment at DMV to ‘change information or class on your photo document (Non Renewal)’.  You can use the reservation link below. You will need to bring your motorcycle permit, drivers license, the road test waiver from the course & fill out an MV44 DMV form.     

 If you do not already have a permit: DMV will require that you obtain one before they will add the motorcycle endorsement to your license.  Schedule an appointment at DMV to ‘Take a motorcycle permit test’.   You will be able to obtain a motorcycle permit &  then add the motorcycle endorsement to your Driver’s License on the same day.
Click here to go to the DVM Reservation page:
What kind of training will I receive?

Choose either private lessons or a class, or a combination of both.

How long will it take to get my license?

It can take 2 to 6 weeks to obtain a road test appointment with the DMV. Successful completion of the road test licenses you immediately. OR:
Our RiderCoaches will test you for your license as part of your training in either the BRC or the BRC2LW. Successful completion of either class entitles you to a road test waiver. You can be licensed the next business day

What is the road test like?

The NYS Motorcycle License Road Test has two parts. The first consists of tight, slow-speed maneuvers, and the second consists of riding on the road. (see above)The DMV examiner rides as a passenger in our chase vehicle that follows the student on the motorcycle. In order to pass the road test, the student must demonstrate proficient handling of the motorcycle and observant, defensive driving in a light traffic situation.

Can I take the road test on my own bike?

We offer the road test on our school motorcycles only. Exceptions and special arrangements will be made for those riders who ride their own scooter, trike, or other specialized 2 or 3 wheeler.

Where is the training conducted?

We have two training locations for the MSF courses:  Nassau County – Garden City, NY & Suffolk County – Selden , NY

Private lessons can occur in many locations, including “house calls” for students who wish to use their own bikes. A nominal mileage fee may apply.

When is training offered?

Private lessons are offered 7 days a week, all year, weather permitting, during daylight hours. MSF courses are offered April through November, primarily on weekends.

What kind of motorcycle will I be riding?

We have a few different models to choose from, all light and easy to manage for new riders

What are the physical requirements for taking lessons?

Students should not have any medical conditions that would affect balance or muscle control. Full control of both arms and both legs and adequate range of motion to turn your head from side to side is essential for operating the motorcycle. The ability to ride a bicycle is a must.