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The ‘FIND YOUR ROAD’ Package

For New or Beginner Riders !

Is Motorcycling for you? 

Find out before committing to the 2 day MSF Basic RiderCourse! OTRA now offers the ‘Find Your Road’ package. 

The ‘Find Your Road’ package is offered at the discounted rate of $520 and includes :

  • (2) one hour private lessons
  • (1) MSF Basic RiderCourse 

You will start by taking 2 hours of private 1:1 lessons with a NYS certified motorcycle instructor. After the lessons you can enroll in the MSF Basic RiderCourse. Successful completion of the MSF Basic RiderCourse will allow you to skip the NYS DMV Motorcycle Road Test. A motorcycle is provided.


MSF Basic RiderCourse with License Waiver

For Novice Riders

The MSF Basic RiderCourse is designed for novice riders.  This course takes place over 2 days with a class of up to 12 students.  A motorcycle is provided.  A 5 hour online eCourse prepares you for 10 hours of practical riding exercises in a controlled off-street environment.  Enrollment in the eCourse is sent after you register for a course.  The eCourse provides online learning activities to help a new or returning rider acquire or review basic information about riding. 

Successful completion of the course requires complete attendance and passing of the skill tests, and completion of the eCourse. Passing students will receive a completion card which waives the motorcycle road test with DMV & may also lead to an insurance discount. You need a valid Drivers License to take this course.

You do not need a motorcycle permit to participate in this course, however once you complete the course DMV will require that you obtain it before they will add the motorcycle class to your Drivers License. 


Experienced Riders ONLY


You Must have a valid Drivers License & motorcyle permit to participate. You must bring your own motorcycle/ scooter to participate.

This is a 10-hour course that contains a unique 2 hour online component as a prerequisite and a 3 hour classroom segment as well as a variety of practice riding exercises designed to develop your riding skills on your own motorcycle further. The riding exercises conclude with a skills test. For a participant to earn their NYSMSP BRC2-LW License Waiver Completion Card, they must successfully complete the eCourse (online) , classroom segment, and the skill evaluation on the range. It is designed for individuals that already have street riding experience.


BRC2 Skills Practice
Even if you’ve been riding for some time, there’s always something new to learn. The Basic RiderCourse 2 Skills Practice is a great way to hone your skills and fine-tune the mental skills needed for survival in traffic. Using your motorcycle, you’ll put into practice the techniques of managing traction, low-speed maneuvering, stopping quickly, cornering and swerving.


At On The Road Again, we want everyone to have a good experience learning to ride. 

Please read the following carefully to make sure you are aware of the circumstances that will cause you to forfeit your enrollment fee, and be unable to complete the course.


-If I must cancel or reschedule my enrollment giving more than 7 days notice, tuition will be refunded an amount less $10 or 10 percent of the total, whichever is greater. Cancellations/ Rescheduling by phone will not be accepted. On The Road Again must be notified by email at Info@LRN2ride.com, or by mail to: 3A Marshall Dr, Selden, N.Y. 11784.  

-If I must cancel or reschedule in the one-week (7-days) period prior to the scheduled class & before 3:00 PM the day before class begins, tuition will be refunded less one hundred dollars ($100.00).

-If I must cancel or reschedule after 3:00 PM EST the day before a scheduled class, the same day class begins, or after class begins, fail to show up on time, or come unprepared, there will be no refund. No make-up will be scheduled. 

-If I fail to attend all scheduled classes and any makeup classes that may become necessary due to uncontrollable conditions (such as weather) there will be no refund. If makeup classes become necessary, On The Road Again will attempt to schedule them at the student’s convenience. It is understood that I must attend ALL sessions of the course with no exceptions.

-If I fail to bring required riding gear (DOT approved helmet; sturdy, over-the ankle BOOTS,  NO SNEAKERS; a long sleeved shirt or jacket; jeans or heavy work pants or equivalent (without rips or tears), no sweatpants, yoga pants or leggings; full-fingered gloves; and eye protection), I will not be permitted to participate in the course and there will be no refund or make-up scheduled.. 

-I must allow additional time in my course scheduling for the possibility of inclement weather conditions for motorcycle riding or extended learning time. 

-Use of cell phones, and/or bluetooth communication devices are prohibited while on motorcycles. Use of such devices will cause you to be removed from the class. There will be no refund or make up scheduled. 

-Participation in this course requires physical stamina, motor coordination and mental awareness.

-Any use of alcohol, prescription or non-prescription drugs that could impair performance is prohibited. If I am believed to be under the influence of either a legal or illegal substance, I will be removed from the class and there will be no refund or make-up scheduled.

-If I do not have the required valid Driver’s License for the MSF Basic RiderCourse (BRC) or valid Driver’s License and motorcycle permit for the MSF BRC2-LW course, and for minors, notarized parental permission, or a parent/guardian present to sign waivers.  I will be removed from the class and there will be no refund or make-up scheduled.

-There is no guarantee of a successful completion. 



Our Policy states that if, at any time during this course, it is felt that you are unable to achieve the objectives of the range exercises, unable to follow instructions consistently, fail to maintain proper path of travel in exercises,  become a danger to yourself, or others, you will not be permitted to continue & will forfeit the remainder of your course fee. No makeup will be scheduled. This also applies if you self drop or leave on your own terms prior to the end of the course.  This action is taken for your protection as well as the rest of those participating. The instructor is responsible for the safety of you and the rest of the participants and has full authority to make this decision which is final.